Insomnia (Bad film with Robin Willliams)

So, Holywood is short of ideas. They decide to remake a film from Norway. And, of course, it’s totally original. Oh well.

The original was pretty good by the way. I Norsk og Svensk!:cool:

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So…have you even seen the remake? Although the presence of Robin Williams fills me with foreboding and I don’t think Al Pacino can match Stellan Skarsgård’s fiercely internal performance, I’m very interested to see what the director, Christopher Nolan, is capable of doing with the material. His movie Memento was, afterall, the best and most original of last year. For that reason alone, I’m unwilling to dismiss the remake outright.

Of course, I may be overly optimistic. Hollywood has a long tradition of butchering European thrillers (Nightwatch and The Vanishing come to mind).

Isn’t ‘bad film with Robin Williams’ redundant?

Well, Williams is playing a murderer, so he’s at least breaking away from the Patch Adams ilk.

Hilary Swank as the desk clerk? Me likey.

I’m looking forward to seeing both what Nolan does with it, and the principal performances. Me not needing subtitles will be nice.

What! He’s not playing a professor or a doctor?

You needn’t see the remake to know that it’s a bad idea to take the wonderful original and redo it with Robin Williams.

Of course, bad ideas have yielded unexpectedly good results in the past, so who knows?

As much as I’d like to follow Christopher Nolan’s career, I won’t be watching this one. Why? I would find it hard to believe that so much goes on in Nightmute, AK that they would need, like, two homicide detectives on the case. (At least Nightmute is a real town, unlike Mystery or Cicely.) I’m afraid I’ll be aggravated if the movie shows people drinking liquor or using indoor plumbing, since those would be major bloopers.

Robin Williams as a villian…right?

Guess there’s a first time for everything…

He was recently in a movie as a quiet but deranged clerk developing film at a store in the mall.

You know, I saw a rerun on cable of “Good Morning Vietnam” a few days ago. I was pleasantly reminded of the good old days when Robin Williams didn’t annoy the living shit out of me.

I think Robin Williams is just fine when he doesn’t try to be funny. He was trained in Julliard as an actor. He is a decent actor too. Unfortunately… very unfortunately… he thinks he’s funny.

Then again, so (for some reason) does Bruce Villanche and he’s rolling in dough so they must be doing something right.

Heh, I just saw The World According to Garp for the first time yesterday, so this Robin Williams bashing took me by surprise. Then, someone mentioned Patch Adams, and it aaaalllllllllllll fell into place.

Alright, I’m calling foul. Mork is one of the funniest motherfuckers on Earth. What planet are you from?

Better brace yourselves. Williams will be playing multiple roles in the 2003 remake of Kind Hearts and Coronets, following (or should I say pratfalling?) in Alec Guiness’s footsteps.