I know other people have it much worse than me, but I had a medium-level bout of it last night, where I could not fall asleep until 3 am or so. Some days it’s much worse.

I only get it a few times a year, but it’s getting worse as I grow older. Oh, and I usually get it a night or two before my period starts.

At least that one I know what it is. The other times it’s just incredibly frustrating. Last night it was super dry and I was itchy…no matter how much lotion I put on. I had to lay on my hands not to scratch. This is the problem with living in Upstate NY; the winters are SO dry in the air. If I don’t watch it, I have scratched myself into welts.

I managed to avoid that, but apparently at the cost of sleep and of being fully awake this morning.

Anyway I guess I am just bitching, and commiserating with those of you who have it much worse than me. :frowning:

Since I have a habit of killing threads I will post here in the hopes it puts you to sleep.

If I get no answer I’ll feel vindicated.


(In seriousness I battle with it occasionally too, especially when I am under stress.) Give yourself extra time to sleep tonight and you should be good.

The period thing is terrible, isn’t it. It’s like nature’s way of saying, ‘As if you weren’t grumpy enough, here’s some insomnia.’ Arg!

With the itchy thing, try taking some Benadryl. It will likely stop the itching and it also causes drowsiness. Two birds, one stone!

Though really, get a humidifier. We have one and it has made a world of difference. I used to get really itchy all the time in the winter. Once I scratch, I would then itch more and basically tear myself apart. Using a humidifier in my bedroom has made a world of difference.