Inspector Sands to the control room...

B3ta recently had a thread about the various codes that the London Underground/Shops use to notify staff about nasty goings on in store without alerting customers ( here )

So, for example, “Mr Sands to X” on the Underground means “Fire!”.

I was wondering if anyone knew any more.

After all, you never know when knowing them might come in handy… :slight_smile:

I think that this thread title might have been a bit too obscure to bring people in.

I know that if you’re at the circus, and the band starts playing a certain tune, that means something is wrong. Someone here will know the tune.

If at a football ground (bear in mind the same arena may be used to very large concerts), If you hear “Constable ERIS” being requested to report to gate X or wherever, well that is where the problem or potential problem, eg fire, bomb threat etc is.

Constable ERIS never seems to obtain promotion, but the “ERIS” bit stands for “Emergency Reponse in Stadia”, oro so I was told.

ONce, in a desperate attempt to get tiny bit of money, I tried stewarding at a large football ground in Glasgow, and this is what we were told.

(It is rather a shame you lovely people do not know me personally, becaue you would get a grt laugh at the idea ofo Celyn stewarding in massive arena full of crowds, whether the detestable football, or even only large concerts)!

Incidentally, I admit to having been quite taken with the fact that they used the word “stadia”.

Well, now I feel stupid for that dreadful bit of typing, but a wee bit smug for guessing what the thread title meant.:slight_smile:

ShibbOleth You have made my day!

Interesting, I’d’ve assumed they meant having the goddess Eris as a Constable. She’d certainly be an indicator of trouble, that one!

In pro wrestling, when a wrestler gets a legit injury, you will see the referee make an X by crossing his forearms. At least that’s what the ref did when Kevin Nash blew out his knee a few months ago.

I’ve been racking my brains trying to remember what the codes were when i worked at Harlequins, but i can’t for the life of me remember.

Shibb - you may have a point, any wandering moderators feel free to change the title to something the “common folk” (i.e. everyone apart from Celyn :slight_smile: ) would understand.