Instal induction cooktop

We are replacing our current cooktop with Induction. We were told we have to upgrade wiring, and the electrician just left. We currently have a 40 amp fuse with #10 wire. To instal the cooktop we are thinking of we were told we need to upgrade the wiring to 50 amp and and #8.

Two questions:

Is it just the cooktop we are looking at that needs this, or is that pretty much standard; with a little work could we find one that can happily coexist with my current wiring?

Are the recommendations likely code, or just the manufacturers recommendation in case we wanted to one day run all 5 burners simultaneously without the breaker tripping.

The large 36" induction cooktops all required 50 amps when I was looking for our stove a couple of years ago. You could get a smaller 30" cooktop which I belive used less power.

Both. Code requires you meet the manufacturer recommendations and the manufacturer is assuming that you will use the stove at max one day. Unless you have some way of counting how many amps you’re drawing on the cooktop and for how long I’d go with the manufacturer recommended amps and wiring.

This. You should look for a cooktop that only requires 40 amps, ideally. We have a new 5 burner and at max it pulls something ridiculous like 12,000 watts! However, we rarely if ever use more than 2 burners… More like 7000 watts if they’re both on high. Do you have a crawl space? Maybe pulling a new wire is no big deal?

Bosch induction

One of many.

Actually the wiring is not that big of a deal, it can be fished through the basement ceiling into the unfinished basement part that easily access the kitchen. However, not having to do that saves the electrician cost.

That isn’t an induction cooktop that’s a radiant cooktop. It does look like bosch has several models that can use a 40 amp circuit or even a 30 amp circuit though if you go to page 8 you can see the model numbers broken down by circuit type.

D’oh! My bad for a cursory Google!