Installing Mozilla Suite 1.4 versus Firefox and Thunderbird Separately

Yesterday, I installed Firefox and Thunderbird separately, only to learn this evening about Mozilla Suite 1.4.

Apparently, this suite combines Firefox and Thunderbird.

Should I delete Firefox and Thunderbird, and reinstall the integrated suite, or did I do okay?

The current Mozilla Suite is Version 1.7.12 and was released on September 21, 2005. Mozillia Suite 1.4 was released in 2003.

If you want the suite as opposed to Firefox and Thunderbird separately, you should to download and install SeaMonkey 1.0 instead.

It doesn’t hurt to have Mozzie, Firefox and Thunderbird all installed. I have all of them, plus SeaMonkey, Opera and cough IE cough installed. Firefox is my main squeeze.

Is there any advantage to having SeaMonkey (or Mozilla 1.7.12 installed, rather than Firefox and Thunderbird separately?

Mozilla Suite includes several items:

  • browser (Mozilla, quite similar to Firefox)
  • email (similar to Thunderbird)
  • newsgroups client
  • HTML editor
  • probably some more stuff

So this is an advantage, having all this installed in one package. If you use all of those items. If you don’t use them all, it’s a disadvantage, because you’ve loaded down your computer with big programs you aren’t using.