Installing Windows Service Pack 2...access denied.

I just did a factory restore on my PC and when trying to install service pack 2, I get “access denied”, then it uninstalls everything it had installed up to that point. My first go-round with sp2, I had no problems at all. What could be causing this?

I’m running Windows XP.

Are you attempting the service pack upgrade logged in as the Administrator of the computer?

I am the only user of the computer.

Right, but is that user an Administrator?

If not, you need to be. If you are, check out this KB article.

If the article doesn’t help, the svcpack.log file it mentions might help you figure out what went wrong where.

Yes, I’m the only user and as far as I can tell, I have no choice but to be the admin. When I go into the User Accounts, it says very clearly that I cannot not be the administrator unless I assign it to another user, of which there is none. But I’ll check out that article and link…thanks.

When you say “Factory Restore” do you mean with all the original CDs supplied with the computer (including an HP style restore from HD)
In which case where is SP2 coming from, is it an XP SP2 CD or are you trying to install SP2 by some other means.
If you have internet available on this machine, do the factory re-install and then hook it up to windows updates and let it hog your bandwidth for a few hours. Voila.
Green bar gone, hello drab blue Pro variety.

Yes, the original CD that came with the computer. I had originally downloaded sp2 from the Microsoft website when it was first released. But now when I try to install the same way, I get the Access Denied error message. And I’ve done every other windows update that I can do without having sp2 installed.

Incidentally, I tried the link above and it sounds exactly like what I’m experiencing. However when I follow the instructions, I’m not finding what I’m supposed to find. :mad: