"Administrator" blocking installation of downloaded program

I want to install a special Windows Media Player program. I downloaded it and attempted to install it but got a message that “the administrator” has some kind of policy blocking such installation. I don’t understand this. inasmuch as I am the only [person who uses this computer. How do I get the program installed?

You talk to the administrator.

:Sigh: As sole user of the computer, I AM the administrator. Something will have to be adjusted, in the Control Panel. But what?

Did it ask for Admin permission to install, or did is say that it was Admin policy NOT to install?

There are tricks about getting into the administrator role. For instance, if you want to run the command interface as administrator you right click on the item, and run as administrator pops up. For some reason you can’t set up links unless you are an administrator.

Search help on your PC to find how to do it. A quick look revealed that you can “Run as” administrator without having to log into an administration account. And there should be some “more details” link I’d suspect.

I wondered if Czarcasm was being Czrcastic…

Thy right clicking on the exe file and choose “run as administrator”.

Nah, I completely misunderstood and thought it was a work situation instead of a home situation.

Maybe the computer thinks it’s a work situation too, if you know what I mean.

I assume that means its your computer and its not supplied to you by an organisations IT department, its not locked down by an IT administrator ? (like a school supplied computer may well be…)
Two questions…
One, can you tell us every ERROR in full, the error codes, the words of the error, not just say “got a similar error there too”. The error code just changing in one digit could change the easy solution. I suspect wording like “system policy prevents”… Or its as simple as the following.

Two, Did it pop up a window saying "This requires administrator permission " ? Cause if not, then that is the first thing to solve… eg right click the .exe and try “run as administrator” … eg you could “switch user” and become administrator, and try the install exe then …

The latter. Thanks; I had not contemplated the right-click option. Now all I have to do is find out how to view my downloads, and take it from there.