Problem installing computer program.

I am trying to install a planetarium type program on my computer that will give me the night sky for a given location and time. When I try to install it a window pops up saying

“The system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation”.

The same thing happened when I tried to install iTunes but I really want this planetarium program to work.

Any ideas?

It doesn’t sound like you have administrator rights for your login account.

BTW, you can display this information without installing anything using Wolfram-Alpha.

It appears that the IT guys have not given your username administrator privileges. You need to have your username under the admin group for your computer.

This is on my personal laptop and I am the only user.

Thank’s JoelUpchurch that site looks like what I need. The program that I have came with a telescope that I bought so I still want to check it out.

I am assuming that this is a Windows machine. When you set up a Windows machine you should always create at least two accounts; the default administrator account that grants all access to all areas, and a user account with limited rights. It is that user account you should user for your regular computer use, be it just the computer you are using (writing documents, playing games, etc.) as well as being connected to the Internet. You limit the damage with a restricted user account if your computer “catches something.” Not always but it is a safeguard.

When you install a program, you log out of your user account, then log back in using your administrator account. Now install the program, granting your user account access to it. Then log out of your administrator account and log in with your user account. Have fun with the stars.

Now you might think the logging in and out of admin and users accounts is a royal pain, and it is. However, that royal pain is nothing if your computer “catches something” resulting in losing your data stored on the hard drive, surreptitiously sending your personal details somewhere across the Internet, etc. The royal pain of 10, 15, even 30 minutes to properly manage your computer is considerably less than an entire weekend rebuilding and reinstalling the operating system, all your applications, hopefully your data from a backup copy. You do backup regularly, don’t you? :slight_smile:

The royal pain of 10, 15, even 30 minutes to properly manage your computer is considerably less than identity theft, which, according to the FTC takes on average ten years to fully recover your identity and your reputation from a serious breach.