Instant coffee granules

Why do some brands of instant coffee come in rough, irregular, crumbly granules, while others have harder, shinier, more regularly shaped granules?

It seems that the cheaper brands are usually the “rough” type, while the more expensive ones are the shinier sort. Are different drying processes used to make the two types?

Instant coffee is either Spray Dryed or Freeze Dryed
Spray drying tends to produce a rough crumbly powder, while freeze drying makes for hard shiny granules. It’s cheaper to spray dry than freeze dry, but some say the freeze dryed stuff tastes better. IMHO it’s the difference between bad and very bad.

The freeze dried also dissolve more completely, avoiding the powdery taste if you don’t stir long enough. And IMHO the shiny ones are fine. I keep them around all the time when I want just one more cup. Paying more for beans at Starbucks is my sister’s pet failing. She admits she can’t tell one type of theirs from the next, but is sure she “is worth” the highest priced one they have. She has bought into the idea that market judments trump her own.