Instantaneous blister on my lip. What could it be?

In the last two minutes, I’ve developed a blister inside my lip. I’ve never had cold sores and I’m not allergic to any food that I know of. I also didn’t bite my lip. It doesn’t hurt but feels a bit numb.

I just ate some seafood salad off a salad bar. Perhaps I’ve been exposed to a biological agent of some sort deployed by terrorists trying to wipe out the population of New England?

Either and insect bite or, more likely, a small allergic reaction to something . Lips are notoriously sensitive like that. Sit it out, take an antihistamine, and it will likely disappear as quickly as it arrived. I get it from raw cherries.

Just because you’ve never had one, doesn’t mean you can’t catch herpes.

ETA: or you’re allegic to some sort of shellfish on the buffet.

I’ve had those too. They usually disappear as quickly as they arrive. I don’t even notice when they’re gone.

It was probably the fake crabmeat. MSG or something.