Instructor needed for Cooking Wesson

“All the oil comes back, except one tablespoon,” so we were told.

Why? What’s so special about Wesson oil that makes it not get soaked up so much as others? Or has Carol Brady been an unwitting accomplice in some shady advertising?

I dunno, but I always wanted to cut the crusts off a whole loaf of bread and fry it, just like on the commercial! Mmm…fried stuffs.

The idea was that the food didn’t soak up as much Wesson as it would other oils, so it would be less oily if cooked in Wesson.

Ignoring the whole point that as you cook a pan full of chicken, a LOT of fat gets cooked out of the chicken, so saying that it’s less oily because the total liquid volume post-cooking only went down one tablespoon is a big fat hairy laugh.

That’s why they switched to frying bread instead, at which point people tended to say, “Ew. Fried bread. How about some baked ice cream while you’re at it, or toasted spaghetti?”

Richard Feynmann wrote in one of his articles that you’d get the same results with any oil. He said that this happens if you cook at a certain temperature as directed by the instructions on the Wesson bottle.