Insurance Forms - what the heck is a suffix?

Says Last Name, Suffix, First, Middle

What the heck is a Suffix? Is that the Mr, Miss, Ms thing?

Jr. or Sr. or III or IV I believe.

Missy2U is right.

Ah, no suffix for me then. Thanks!

For reference, the Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. or whatever is generally called the salutation. But I suppose you could also call it a prefix.

Many forms also call those “title.” Not that I agree that’s correct, just reporting that it happens.

I’ve never heard it called the salutation. Form of address, title, prefix, I’ve heard all those, but not salutation unless it’s the first line of a letter.

You’ll very occasionally see forms that allow you to use some rather grandiose “titles”–Lord, Baron, Viscount, etc. I’m always a bit tempted…

For our organization, “salutation” is any familiar term used for someone. For instance, if someone’s name is Richard, their salutation may be Dick.

Or my favorites, Sir and Dame.

I’ve always used “honorific” as the generic name for such prefixes.

“Honorific” is the correct term. “Salutation” is a complete greeting, for example, “Dear Mr. Smith” in a letter.