Insurance fraud?

Could this be medical insurance fraud? My wife received a letter from a “Subrogation Firm”, stating that they wanted her statement about some medical treatment received on a certain date last year. The letter said that the firm needed her statement to be received as part of an accident investigation. I called the firm, and told them that my wife was never in any kind of accident, and never received any medical treatment on the date indicated. I am concerned that this is some kind of scam-I will call her medical insurance carrier next-is this something that should be referred to law enforcement?

Or they could have mistaken her for someone else. If it is a scam I for one have no idea what it is.

I’ve known an attorney who only knew the name of the person who was responsible for an accident. He sent a letter to everyone he could find in the Denver area with that name a letter to the effect of, “My guy is gonna sue you for damages, you’d better call your insurance company and make them call me!” he eventually found his defendant, and pissed off about 20 other people in town. I believe that’s known as “The Shotgun” approach to searching.

Could your wife be a victim of identity theft? If you are in any doubt about this, call the police.