Insurance question

I am currently enrolled in six hours for graduate school. Things aren’t going too well in one of my classes. I want to drop, leaving me three hours at the end of the semester. Well, my insurance company wants me to have a least six hours. If I finish the semester with 3 hours, will I get kicked off my plan? I’m thinking since I completed like 3/4 of my semester with six hours, I will be okay, but I’m not sure. Has anyone been faced with this dilemma?

The only way to know whether you meet the requirement is to look at your policy, and/or call the company and ask. But why not just finish the class when you’ve come this far? Is the possibility of an “F” worse than the possibility of losing your insurance?

Isn’t 3/4 of the way through a semester too late to drop a course, anyway?
(I only have 3 weeks left in my semester … yay!)