Intelligence vs Wisdom

Why is it that society favors intelligence more over wisdom? Could it be because of competitiveness in capitalism encouraging one to step on another to get to the top?

For instance, you can have people here with supreme intelligence building nuclear weapons, yet the lack the wisdom to look at the big picture, resulting in harming humanity. Without good-will and wisdom, what’s the purpose of high intelligence?

Intelligence is knowing the rules of the game.

Wisdom is how you play the game.

Our society seems to place more value in winning such that how the game is played is of less importance. Wisdom dictates that winning isn’t everything but most people don’t seem to buy into that. To them second place is first loser.

There was a wisdom in building nuclear weapons. We get it or the Germans do (so we thought). It was VERY wise for the US to get them first. As for countries like North Korea seeking nuclear weapons all I can say is that I’ve never heard the words ‘intelligent’ or ‘wise’ applied to that regime.

They dont teach wisdom in our schools.

True wisdom is learned from experience. After the flower power revolution of the sixyies, older people are mistrusted, thus their wisdom is ignored and once ignored it is not learned.

Nah…everyone gets it to a greater or lesser degree whether they want to or not.

As you said it is a function of experience. Just living gains you more and more experience. Intelligence can be used to draw better conclusions from your experiences so some people with similar experiences may gain different levels of wisdom.

In the end though everyone gets it sooner or later to some degree. It’s just that youth place no value in wisdom. They don’t have it so they don’t trust it.

The difference is that wisdom will give you bonuses on divine spells.

Better chances of resisting mind controll spells too.

But intelligence is important on the number of languages learned.

Anyway, magic users are better than clerics, anyway :slight_smile:

high intelligence does not imply morals, so it can be used for personal gain, power, money, and so forth.
Wisdom is insight, empathy, seeing the bigger picture. So ince you’ve a conscience, it’s hard to use your wisdom for selfish reasons, as you understand the repercussions.