Intercoms... anyone have any advice?

We’re going to want intercoms in the new house. At least three stations, but probably 4 (basement, main level, master bedroom, studio)

We got some intercoms at Walmart for this place but they were so crappy that all you could hear was static. Anyone have any advice?

Rat Shack has some that use the wiring of your home both for power and as the transmission lines. They could sound worse.

Better yet, check out You seem like the a couple who could REALLY get into what they sell. For ALL OVER the house. Order up a catalog.

If you’re also looking for phones, Siemens makes a pretty cool system. Amazon carries it - check it out.

Basically, it’s a cordless phone system that also doubles as an intercom. I have some friends that have it, and they like it quite a bit. Bang & Olufsen also make something like that, but it’s way more pricey.