Advice on Cordless Phones....

Those new fancy ones w/the extra charger cradles.

I saw a report in Consumer Reports and I can’t find it now. I believe it named VTech or Panasonic.

Anyone have a clue?


I can’t believe that on this entire site no one has an opinion onthese things? LOL. I know you guys better than that. :smiley:

I’m not sure if we’re talking about the same thing, but last week we bought a set of G.E. phones from Sam’s. The cordless base set must be plugged into a phone jack. The secondary cordless set can be plugged into any electrical outlet. We bought this setup because our house is 40+ years old and only has two phones jacks in the house. We like them and they were about $100 for the set of two.

Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. I didn’t know if anyone had problems with what they’ve purchased or knew what was the better deal.

I know ATT phones stink. So I’m just trying to figure it out before I lay out the dough.

My SO’s mom bought some VTech ones for her house and they work pretty well. I like Panasonic phones more myself though. VTech seems to be a good brand, but at maximum volume the earpiece still sounds a little quiet sometimes.

I’ve been using the Panasonic cordless set for about a year now and we haven’t had a problem with it. Bought it for around… whips out converter… US$89 :wink:

Funny you ask, for the first time in about 9 years, our primary cordless phone/answering machine died and we gotta find a new one rather quickly. Consumers Reports in January of this year has an update of a report from October 2002.
Way too many good choices to make a blanket recommendation, but the best cheapest ($30) are Uniden, Panasonic, and VTech.

Just go to the library.

Actually I am not worried about the price. I also know that more money doesn’t mean better. Our cordless phone needs a new battery and has served well with one exception, it always has a low voice. So for some of my more softspoken friends, I have to go to a regular phone. I like the idea of extra cradles too.

The ones I have been looking at are around $150+

I bought the Bang & Olafsen version several years ago after the third cordless phone in 3 years died on me. I have bad luck with cordless phones, and was completely sick of buying a new one every year. I saw the B&O ones, noted the 3 year warrantee, noted the hefty price tag, and said “@$#@ it, I’m buying 'em.”

I love 'em. I love 'em to death. Best purchase I ever made. Not only do you need just one phone port (very important in an old house), but the phones just work SO WELL. They sound great, they look good, and they have nifty features. They work like intercoms, so Mr. Athena and I can talk when I’m upstairs and he’s downstairs. They also have the most intuitive 200 number speed dial system I’ve ever seen. I’ve never used speed dial before - the interface was way too clunky. On these phones, it’s joy itself. I have all my frequently dialed numbers on it, including places like the pizza delivery place.

The only bad thing about 'em is the price. They’re expensive. Still, it was cheaper than running phone lines through a 100 year old house. At least, that’s what I tell myself!

I’ve had very good results with the Siemens 2.4 GHz phones. Prior to that I had a VTech 900 MHz that was a piece of crap. In general, the 2.4 GHz phones are better than the 900 MHz. Also, some manufacturers now have 5 GHz phones which are supposed to have advantages over the older phone types.

Note that 2.4 GHz phones can wreak havoc on WiFi networks – an important consideration if you have such a network or are considering installing one. A 5 GHz phone may be a better choice in such an environment.

Another vote for the Siemens 2.4 GHz. I also had a VTech which SUCKED! Damn thing never worked properly.

The Siemens is great though! Works anywhere in the house regardless of how far away from the base you are, even in the basement (and I have a pretty big house).

My 2.4 Ghz phone sits right next to two computers on a WiFi network. I’ve carried it around to other computers and to the router. No problems. None at all.

We have WiFi in our house, as well as cable as well as dial up lol. WE have it ALL oh boy.

I’ll have to ask my dh about the 2.4 vs 5…he’s a geek,he should know…altho he’s no help w/the phone decision.