Interest-Specific Valedictions

I recently bought a new telescope and some other astronomy equipment online. While communicating with several of the company’s customer service department representatives via email, I noticed that the reps usually end their messages with the valediction “Clear Skies,” instead of a more generic valediction like “Sincerely” or “Thanks for your business,” and then they include their personal name (such as “Clear Skies, Chris M.”)

Clear skies, of course, are important to enjoy the pursuit of astronomy.

I’ve noticed that anglers sometimes use the phrase “Tight Lines” to close their messages (tight lines indicating that there’s something on the hook at the other end of the line). This isn’t so much a hobby, but I’ve come across letters from religiously minded folks that end with “In Christ,” and then the writer’s name.

What other examples of specific valedictions are out there?

“Happy trails!” for cowboys or other outdoorsmen.

“Happy landings!” for aviators or people traveling by air.

“Live long and prosper!” for trekkies and other SF fans.

“Be seeing you!” for fans of The Prisoner.

“Anchors aweigh!” for mariners.

“Ten-four!” for LEOs and CBers.

I thought the more usual one for mariners was “Fair winds and following seas”.

There’s also “Godspeed and hot jets” for rocketeers.

“Keep the rubber side down”

Motorhead of all kinds.

See you in the funny papers.

I heard that on an old movie, just today.

Good riddance for Dear John letters.

Similarly, I have fans who are Star Wars fans*, who sign off with “May the Force Be With You.”

    • yes, I know, this fact surprises you all. :wink: