Interesting article about neuroscience and the justice system

(I’m putting it here because I’m not of sufficient fortitude to start a GD thread quite yet, thanks.)

TL;DR - The Clocktower killer had a tumor. Some guy suddenly developed pedophilia in his 20s - it was a tumor too. People with dementia get their frontal lobes shredded and go around exposing themselves. Justice system should stop worrying about whether people are to BLAME for their actions, and worry about what we as a society have to do with/to them to make the future (and hopefully the people in question) as safe and socially acceptable as possible.

(Yes, it’s a long tl;dr, but it’s a 4 page article for crying out loud. I did the best I could.)

I don’t care what kind of disease or handicap people have, they are responsible for their actions. It was good of the people with suspected brain injuries to get themselves checked out, I wish Charles Whitman had gone to a different doctor when his wouldn’t believe him. :frowning:

I strongly endorse this article’s argument.