Interesting Bit About Unread Posts

When I click on the three lines next to my avatar, I get the splash menu telling me a few things about my account and activity here. One of those things is the number of unread posts. So, I clicked on that this morning and it listed posts made 17 years ago. While I appreciate that level of attention to detail :wink:, I would appreciate it even more if it were correct and current as I have, in fact, read those so-called unread posts from way back when.

Since I’m on this subject, does anyone know how to “mark forums read” or “mark all posts read”?


The migration did the best it could, but it had no real way of knowing what you’d looked at on the old board, so it went by your last post to a thread.

So there are a kazillion threads listed in Unread. If you can get to the bottom of the list, there is a Dismiss button. But good luck with that.

Maybe admin could move the button to the top?

But no, there is no Mark all read feature for the board.

ETA: Oh! It has been moved to the top!