Certain thread (threads?) no longer showing number of unread posts

One of the things I most love about discourse is the little blue bubble on the side of the thread title that shows how many unread posts you have in that thread. But for some reason it isn’t showing up in the “Stupid Republican of the day” thread. As far as I can tell that is the only thread that I read that it doesn’t appear on (although there may me others that I just didn’t notice).

Does anyone else not see the bubble for that thread or is it specific to me? Did I do something to make it disappear? Is this evidence that Qannon has infiltrated the board with the specific agenda of preventing me from checking out that thread? Enquiringly minds want to know.

Did you by any chance jump to the bottom of the thread? Discourse doesn’t remember which of the umpteen thousand posts you’ve read and not read. It only remembers the bottommost (= highest numbered) post in the thread that has been shown to you.

As I type (8:15pm US Eastern time on 8/30/22) there are 4308 posts in that thread. All unread by me. If I open the thread and jump about halfway down it then shows up in my unread page as having 1900 unread posts.

If I then jump to the end and refresh my Unread page, the thread disappears; it isn’t unread anymore since I’ve seen the last post. Despite me having actually seen 3 of the 4800 posts: the first, one near the middle, and one at the bottom.

Another possibility is that you accidentally switched the thread’s status from Tracking to Normal. Which you can switch back by tapping/clicking the bell icon at the lower right of the thread’s scroll bar.


Thanks a bunch.

It turns out there are keyboard shortcuts for all these things. Which are active any time you’re not actively typing in a [Reply] box.

Typing “mr” in either upper or lower case will switch the current thread to “normal” mode where you’re not tracking it. “mt” switches it back to tracking. All keyboard commands are just regular keystrokes, no Ctrl- or Alt- is required. You can type a “?” to see the pop-up help with all of them. There are a bunch of those I use daily, although the tracking status settings are not among them.

The punchline being: any time you’re keystroking and the focus is not inside the [reply] box, you’re probably making something happen that you didn’t intend and may not notice. Gotcha!