Why am I getting blue and grey circles for threads I've never read>

The blue and grey circles with a number are to show that someone has posted to a thread I’ve posted in, correct?

The past few days I’ve been getting them for threads I’ve never even opened, let alone posted in.

Anyone else noticing this?

It happens to me, from time to time.

And now on the money-laundering thread, it’s showing a blue circle with 219 posts, even though the thread is apparently only 55 posts long.

And when I went back to check, it was showing the money-laundering thread with 329 posts in the blue circle.

439 in the blue circle.!

549 new money-laundering posts! Each time I go away and come back to the main page, it adds 110 to the blue circle for new posts. But according the stats column, it’s only got 55 posts.

From what I gather that if you open a post and don’t read through the thread and close it you will get a gray circle with a number telling you how many post are left in the thread. If someone post after you close it those will show up in a blue circle.

But I have not seen where it just starts informing of post in threads I didn’t open. Maybe it has something to do with tags. Weren’t you experimenting with tags the other day?

Tags? what are tags? Nope. The blue circle for the money-laundering thread is going up by 110 posts every time I go away from the main page and then come back to it.

What the F? And why can’t I just type WTF?

It’s at 879 now. Anyone else seeing that for that particular thread?

It’s giving me normal numbers for the money-laundering thread. So it would appear that the glitch is happening with one’s individual account, rather than something system-wide.

Nope, and I am posting there.

Showing 989 now. It’s like a telethon: “Where are we going? Higher!”

989 going once . . . 989 going twice . . . Sold!

Have you tried logging out, then logging back in? Maybe that would knock loose whatever is stuck.

Or not.

I took a screenshot of it, but I have no idea how to post it.

I logged out and it’s gone now. Good idea, mbh!

When in doubt, re-boot.

I’m running into a similar issue in a thread I posted in Site Issues. Though, in my case the numbers go away if I refresh the forum (which Discourse calls a category) page. I’ve reported it as a bug.

They appear to be the same numbers you get when you actually follow a thread. But I have the “automatic follow” feature turned off.

Maybe someone’s laundering dots.