What happened to the "new posts" red line?

Not there this morning-now I have to manually check the time since last post column on the far right.

They have made some changes to the site functions apparently.

Well then can they add that back since that was actually really fucking useful and the only way to tell where you’ve been in a forum!?

I don’t understand the constant need to hamper the functionality of this new software.

Bookmarks seemed to be nonfunctional as well. I was using bookmarks as a subscription list sort of thing and nothing’s been updated on it. The old ones on there bring me to the first post not the last. Please to change back.

    • bookmarking this thread, let’s see what happens - -

I concur.

Same. If that was intentionally removed, I would like to have it back. That’s the only thing that makes the old “mark all forums read” function being gone bearable.


Yes, please, bring it back.

Another vote for bringing it back, please.


Another for bringing it back, plus one for a way to tell the difference between threads I’ve posted in and ones I’ve only read long enough to trigger them to “tracking.” I know I could set each thread individually, but it would be a real nuisance to try to remember that.

But isn’t this all on hold for now anyway? or are those not admin functions? I don’t think we’ve got an admin yet.

I don’t expect new features put in just for me, but somebody either turned off or broke the red line feature. I hope it’s the latter, because I’m really tiring of features getting turned off without explanation.

Well, I guess it depends what happened - deliberate or not. And given the timeframe (it happened after we lost Tuba), if it was done intentionally then the person who did it is presumably available to undo it. (If, on the other hand, it was one of those things that “just happened” then who knows.)


It’s back.

At least for me, a few minutes ago.

I’m still not seeing it. I refreshed my pages, even left and came back.

I’m now not sure I didn’t see it when I accidentally wound up with the page set to “new” instead of to “latest”.

Since “new” only shows the new threads anyway (and, as near as I can tell, not old threads with new posts), it’s not nearly as useful there.

But it’s possible that whatever caused it to disappear is occuring erratically.–I’m not seeing it now either on the “latest” or on the “new” page. But I definitely saw it someplace right before I made the earlier post.

It’s still gone, that’s for sure.

So a thread will automatically get triggered to “tracking” if you spend a certain amount of time reading it? That may explain why I see tracking on threads I’m pretty sure I did not set up for that. (I set my up individually.)

Yes. And, annoyingly, while you can choose in preference whether to track or watch or set to normal threads you’ve actually posted in, the only thing you can do in preferences about threads you’ve only read is to set the length of time you have to have spent reading it before it tracks – and the longest option is ten minutes.

So I’ve started weeding out all those threads by individually setting them back to normal, which is possible (at the bottom of the page.) I just hope they don’t automatically start tracking again if I read one again for ten minutes. I wouldn’t mind it so much if there were some other way to distingush the threads I’ve posted in; but if there is I can’t find it.

Not for me. It was there 5 minutes ago

Something is happening though.