Find Unread Posts in Read Thread

Not sure whether this technical question belongs better here or ATMB.

I have my prefs set to declare a thread “watching” after I’ve read it for a few minutes. If I read all the posts it drops off my unread page and only returns when new post(s) occur. Once it does reappear on my unread page there’s the little number balloon which shows how many new posts there are. So far so good. And so ordinary.

But sometimes while reading through a thread I’ll skim past some posts a little too quickly. And I’m left with the thread showing unread, and a second dimmed number balloon showing a count of the posts I’ve skipped over / skimmed too quickly. If I click that balloon it takes me to what I believe is the first skimmed-over post.

Assuming I rightly understand what the dimmed number is telling me I’d like a way to find and read through that list of unseen posts without having to simply start at the first one (by clicking the dim bubble) then re-read the entire rest of the thread slowly.

So: Do I rightly understand what that icon means? If not: what does it really mean? If so: is there a way to accomplish what I want?

For sure I can make the indication go away by simply changing the thread status to normal then back to watching. I do that for fast-moving threads that get away from me.

But for slower threads where I want to keep up that loses the earlier history of what’s seen & unseen. It’s throwing out the baby.