Interesting/Clever Street and Subdivision Names!

One of my favorites has always been This Way and That Way in Lake Jackson, TX

There’s a short street here where I live called The Lane with somewhat nice houses. What amuses me is the street sign, crafted apparently by some nameless, faceless, clueless member of our street department. “THE” is written in large capital letters and “lane” in small tiny letters in the top right corner of the sign. Sort of like this —

THE Lane

The suburb I grew up in had both a Lane Road and a Lane Avenue, but not a Lane Lane. Go figure.

In my town there is a 2 year old subdivision of very nice homes called Bluegrass Meadows. One of the streets is Mando Lane.

4 Wheel Drive, Norwich VT.

When enchanced 911 came to rural VT a lot of roads without names needed names ASAP. A bunch of amusing names were created at that time.

Ragged Ass Road.

Believe it or not:
“Morning Dove Circle”
At least it is a small, obsure place

Somewhere on Long Island is the intersection of Lois Lane and Frankie Lane.

A teacher I knew lived on Sesame Street. I just can’t remember if it was a town near Columbus, GA or one near Colorado Springs, CO…it was a long time ago.

Similarly, a road was built at considerable expense leading out of Iqaluit, Nunavut, to… nowhere in particular. For one reason or another (one account suggests it was for a landfill that was later cancelled), it just stops in the middle of the tundra.

So with typical Northern aplomb, it was named – officially – Road to Nowhere.

There is a very short street in downtown Los Angeles called Dewap Way.

The only building on it is the office of the DEpartment of WAter and Power.

Yup. South end of Gasparilla Island FLA.

I was going to guess Northwest Michigan. There are lots of little private roads around the lakes which have been given colorful names by their owners.

There’s a Penny Lane near my house.

There’s a sprawl of McMansions in the northern part of the county in a development called Wild Creek. Some of the streets are ‘Great Muskrat’, ‘Wooded Bog’, ‘Wild Turkey’, and ‘Nesting Duck’. Ironic, since the homes of all the wild critters living there have been bulldozed so these palaces could be erected. (I don’t know why they don’t give those developments more realistic names - Snob Acres, Starbucks Run, Abercrombie & Fitch Lane, Coked Up Mom Street…)

Labor in Vain Road in Ipswich, MA. I’ve always wanted to know the story behind that one.

Back to Sodom Road, North Creek NY. Near the town of Sodom.

There’s a short, very steep road with a pub at the bottom in a small town near my place. It’s called Falldown Lane.

IIRC, there’s also a street by a church called His Way.

Oooh, I want to live there.

That’s great. Is there an intersecting sidestreet called Stakeout Way?