Interesting/Clever Street and Subdivision Names!

Some of these, and others, were covered in this thread I started:

Subdivision Street Name Themes

Here in Tucson there is a street called Calle Sin Nombre, which for those who are a bit rusty on their Spanish means, Street without a Name

No. :confused:

It was a joking reference to the fact that you said that the road was called Falldown Lane, its very steep and there’s a pub at the bottom of the hill. My joking about a “Stakeout” was that it sounded like a perfect combination for cops to sit in their cruisers and watch for drunk drivers coming from the pub.

No fewer than three Quebec municipalities have streets named Rue des PME. PME stands for “petites et moyennes entreprises,” or small and medium businesses.


Where’s the “Rue des PMS” when you need it?

Only time this ever happened in my town was when some nimrod in the sign shop put one up that read 21TH ST.

I used to live on Memory Lane in Asheville, NC

There is a short street called Crabapple Lane here. The funny thing is, you picture a sort of rustic little country lane with pink flowery trees, and all it is is a conduit from one grim, half empty industrial park to the next, with a couple of what my mom called ‘necky hokies’. They should just rename it ‘Industrial Park Shortcut’.

There’s this little block near me where all the street names are after places in the Lord of the Rings.

Is this interesting because it should be “Mourning Dove Circle”?

Otherwise, I don’t get it.

Wellington NZ (named after the Duke) not only has the obvious Waterloo Quay but also a Salamanca Road and Talavera Terrace. No Assaye or Vitoria though.

Most of the streets in Stratford NZ (formerly Stratford-upon-Patea) are named after Shakespearean characters.

Sequim WA has several odd names, like Kitchen Dick Road and Livingood lane.

When I worked at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab in Columbia, Maryland, the subdivisions had really quirky names for some of the streets.

Things like 'Charles Dickens". Just the name. No Street or Lane. Weird.
Another road with no suffix was Lamplighter.
Also Stone Cloud, Hidden Clearing, Gate Sill and Waiting Spring.

This was a ‘planned community’ with common areas winding through the neighborhood.

The Homeowner’s Association there was run like a feudal kingdom. Petty tyrants.

Ramsey, Minn. has a variety of streets named after elements (I have a cow-orker who lives on Dysprosium Ave). Sadly, they are laid out randomly, so you can’t use the periodic table of elements as a road map.

All these NOVA Dopers, and not a word for “Gallows Road” in Annandale? And then there’s the subdivision “Sleepy Hollow” with the requisite creepiness. But in that division is “Mal Brooke Lane” which always confused me. At least it did until I drove through there one hot, humid summer afternoon. That Brook smelled like Satan’s behind, I’m telling you - Whew!

I grew up on Toll House road, and my Mom felt she needed to perfect her chocolate chip cookie recipe, just in self-defense.

Popes Head Road
Redrum Road
Mosby’s Woods subdivision and all the themed roads

Bumpalong Rd
Needle Rush Ct
Ringo St, Penny Ln
Battleship Rd
Chicken Ln & Barbeque Rd

In West Lafayette, Indiana, home of Purdue University and Drew Brees, there is a short street called Brees Way.

I used to live in a neighborhood that had a Mark Trail.

Livingood Lane is a really good one.


I think this is one of the best so far…I mean…Chromium Court, Scandium Street, Lithium Lane…who wouldn’t want to live there?

I’m a former NOVA resident, and I forgot all about Gallows Road, too…
and Pope’s Head Road.

I live near Dungeon Ave., also nearby is Lover’s Leap. I admit that when I lived in the next town east, I got a childish thrill every time I gave some directions and told the to turn onto Burpee.