Interesting Subdivision Street Name Themes

Lots of subdivision streets are named for boring things like the children of the developer, or trees, or other totally generic names.

I’m looking for subdivisions that have interesting themes. I’ve heard there are “Lord Of The Rings” themes, for example.

Since I am in Kentucky, there are (unsurprisingly) lots of subdivisions with the names of Kentucky Derby winners for streets.

Here’s one of them. (I wouldn’t have picked Strike The Gold as my main street name, but whatever.)

Here’s another.

We have a bunch of Queens.

Here’s some native American named streets. I think that’s called Indian Trails.

This one has a Christian theme. That’s Cornerstone Subdivision.

I grew up in Sonoma County, California. I’ve seen multiple subdivisions with streets named after wines. How creative.

Our development is all Native American themed. Canoe, Navajo, Apache, etc. Nearby we have one with Greek names.

Several streets in downtown San Jose are named after members of the Donner Party, who settled there. Cite, scroll down to “The Reeds”.

There is one around here with colonial-thematic streets. Longrifle, Minuteman, Freedom Ridge, Bluecoat, Stockade, Tricorner, Wagon Wheel, and Leather Stocking. I think most casual passersby probably have the wrong idea about “Leather Stocking,” but then what do I know.

Here we have Brigadoon-themed neighborhood next door to a Camelot-themed one. Of course being in Lexington, Ky., we have all sorts of horse-themed roads, most notably a major road circling the city called Man o’ War Blvd. also visible on this map. See also: college themed streets nearby.

Since Terry Fox (a young activist and humanitarian, known for his attempted cross-Canada run in the early 1980s called the “Marathon of Hope” and voted second-greatest Canadian in 2004) was born in Winnipeg (in my current neighbourhood of Transcona, actually), it was only natural to name a street after him. I noticed a year or so ago when a new subdivision in Transcona was going up that the main street was named “Terry Fox Way”, the bays coming off it had names like “Heroic Place”, “Inspiration Place”, “Visionary Cove”, “Gallant Cove” and “Courageous Cove” - adjectives that one would use to describe Terry. (Sorry, the subdivision seems to be so new I can’t find it on Yahoo, Google, or Bing maps). However, strangely, the family of Terry Fox said that they weren’t consulted to use Terry’s name, and that they figured naming streets after him wouldn’t be what Terry wanted, as he was a rather modest and unassuming individual (all true, and I tend to see what they’re saying, may sound a bit dickish, however usually when I see his family on TV they’re nothing but polite and kind like I remember Terry was). So the developer of the subdivision, Heartstone Properties, named the main road “Heartstone Way”, but “Inspiration Place”, “Gallant Cove” etc., remain, which looks really strange now, coming out of context.

Strangest thing is, when I checked Wikipedia to link to the Terry Fox article, I noticed that several streets and highways have been named for Terry around Canada - I’m guessing with his family’s blessing. WTF? Winnipeg (and Transcona) was where he was born and we get nothing?

Anybody for the Robin Hood legend?

There’s a subdivision in Indianapolis named “Sherwood forest” with streets named Robin, Marian, Friar, Nottingham, etc.
And the main entrance to the neighborhood has a gateway with fake castle turrets .

I had a friend in HS that lived in a subdivision named Twelve Oaks … complete with Scarlett Lane, O’Hara Drive, Butler Court, Prissy Lane, Melanie Street & Tara Court. Yes, I live in GA. :wink:

My subdivision is all bird names. There’s another subdivision in town with all Indian tribe names. The rest of the subdivisions are all named after Boring.

In Huntington NY they’ve named some streets after admirals and generals.

I mentioned this to someone I knew who’d lived there for years; she had no idea what I was talking about. We Americans are pretty stupid…

In Bridgeport CT at my old high school there’s old US presidents.

I’m sure there’s some more that I’m not remembering

Sterling Heights, Michigan, has a subdivision named after cigarette brands (Camel, Pall Mall, Winston, etc.).

A friend in Big Bear, CA live near Tinkerbelle, Wendy and other Peter Pan Streets.

Cottage Grove, MN had the bright idea to name streets in subdivisions based on the nearest county road, which is named for a letter. So between County Roads I and J, you have all I names (I remember Inskip as particularly ridiculous), then you start in on the Js. This has the really unfortunate consequence of all the street names sounding very similar.

On the westside of Jacksonville, FL, there’s a neighborhood with nursery rhyme and fairy tale names, but it’s not as cute and charming as you might hope. In fact, it’s kinda run-down looking.

Same here, too

“King Arthur Court,” One could die of droll.

We have whole neighborhoods around here where the street names all begin with the same letter. So people say they live in ‘the Ms’ or ‘the Ts’. W, S, T, M, N, O, at least. I can’t think of any other letters.

But then we have the Lincolnwood area, where all the street names are somehow related to Abraham. Springfield, Grant, Lee, Rutledge, New Salem, etc. I keep meaning to look up Berry, but I keep forgetting.

Several Star Trek:TNG themed streets including Warp Drive.