How do I use the Multi-Quote button?

I click on it; it changes colour; nothing happens.

How does one use it?

You did it right, when you hit " Post Reply" or “Quote” in the last post you want to quote, you’ll see all the posts in the reply window.

and if you have multiquotes from another thread, you can click “Post Reply” in the thread where you want them to appear and there is an option that pops up asking if you want to bring the quotes from the other thread into your current post.

I’m not sure I follow this, but I’ll try out some test posts.

Thank you. That works. I was missing step 2 in the process. :smack:

You want to post in thread 1 but you need some quotes from thread 2.

Open thread 2 in a new window and hit relevant multiquote buttons.

Hit any relevant multiquote buttons in thread 1.

Go to the bottom of thread 1 and hit “Post Reply”

The multiquotes from thread 1 only will appear in the text box

A link will appear asking if you want to bring in the quotes from the other thread

Click the link

The quotes from thread 2 will now also appear in the text box in thread 1

Finish typing your post as usual

Ha! None of the above posts are relevant to the topic: just a test.