Interesting coincidences

Edlyn and I live in the Carolinas, and my daughter lives nearby. Edlyn has two daughters, one of whom lives in Minneapolis, and the other in Kansas City, Missouri.

As it happens, there are three undefeated teams in the NFL as of this writing. You guessed it! Carolina, Minnesota, and Kansas City.


Please share any interesting coincidences, past or present, from your own experiences.

Coincidence #1: That this thread came up when co-incidences have been a topic of thought for me over the past few days.

Coincidence #2: Just a day after watching the Hitler Docu-film, I decide to root though some stored away things. I spy a dream book. Late at night, (a bit drunk) I start reading one of the stories within - it is of a soldier who has a dream that he is burried under mud and twisted metal with a fatal wound. Disturbed by the dream he wonders off into no-mans land. He returns to find his bunker had been hit by a shell and all his fellow soldiers were dead. His name was Adolf Hitler.

As soon as I read the name I had a flash of the same depicted scene in the film I watched.


I have a similar one, Lib. I moved to N. Carolina just after highschool, and one of my closer friends moved to Minneapolis that same year. We were talking that October, when we realized that both of our “local” MLB teams were in the World Series. (The Braves were as local as you could get in Wilmington, NC.)

Earlier, I was looking at the label of an ice cream treat I got from the vending machine at work, and at first I thought the label said it included ‘Locust Protein’, but I was reading the wrong line and it was ‘Locust Bean Gum’.

Just a few minutes ago I read a thread on these boards where someone makes a point of mentioning the locust bean gum in another product.

Oh yeah, I’ve also got dumped on my last two birthdays. That seems kinda funny to me.

Robert Shandler and Robert Chandless are both attorneys with offices on Main Street in Hackensack, New Jersey.

My town has a Main Street!

Great thread Lib - I have recently come across a coincidence that has me truly vexed. I am conducting a study at school where I am looking at several large lists of last names. The study is of the demographic variety, it will go in our college magazine when complete. I am having three of my INTRO to psych classes work on it. The lists consist of past students in the psych department ranging back 15 years, each list contains roughly 5 thousand names. It was brought to my attention that several of the people in the lists who shared the same last name i.e. Smith, Brown, Jones etc…etc… had the same street number for their house.

I double checked their work, and noticed the frequency of this was amazing, almost defying rationale as some of the people where on opposite sides of the country and completely unrelated to one another. Very odd coincidence…

For more on synchronisity and coincidences check out James Redfield’s The Celestine Prophesy and other books here :slight_smile:

An odd one for me—a few weeks after my boyfriend and I started dating, we discovered that both our mothers (both deceased) had the same name: Dorothy, and both were called Dottie.

I once had a temp job preparing medical records to be microfilmed. All of the records came from a hospital in another city. My last name is very unusual in this part of the country, so I paid attention to see if any of the records I was working with belonged to someone with my last name. Only one did. And the first name was the same as that of my girlfriend at the time. Both spelled in the same unusual way. I mean, how many girls named Kristie do you know? Weirded me out.

Cue the Twilight Zone theme music.

Here’s one a bit less freaky, but interesting. I have the same birthday as Eric Idle. My brother has the same birthday as John Cleese (neither in the same year, though).

When I was in sixth grade my family moved to a new city. Not long after we had moved there we went out to a movie and got ice cream from Baskin-Robbins afterword.

My dad struck up a conversation with the owner who was working behind the counter (he’s like that.) He told him we were new in town, that we’d just moved into the Meadowthorpe subdivision.

“Where?” the guy asked.

“Larch Lane.”

“Where on Larch Lane?” he asked “I grew up there.”


It was the house he had grown up in. He told us he had planted the huge pine tree in the back yard.

I was just joking before. My town doesn’t have a Main St., but my optomotrist was located on Main in Hackensack.
I drove cross country in February. On my way, I purchased a keychain at Graceland with the letters TCB on it. The very first job that I had in LA was with TCB catering. Before I moved out here, I had tried to contact my friend Brian - unsuccessfully. I only knew about Brian being out here because I bumped into a mutual connection at Stan’s before a Sunday game at Yankee Stadium 8 months earlier. One night I was hanging out at the apartment of the staffer for TCB when a knock came at the door. It was Brian! He lives right next door. A few months later I was catering at the Music Center, and there were probably 700 people in the room, creating a huge din. I was pouring wine at one of my tables when I heard a woman introduce herself to the man sitting next to her (he was hard of hearing, so she spoke quite loudly) - it was my own mother’s name!
Those are the biggest ones, but I pay attention to all of them - the little ones that happen just about every day.

Long time ago, I was in my Radio Shack store in Texas, and an elderly guy comes in for a car cigarette lighter adapter. Obviously a retiree, travelling around the country. Back then, we used to take customers’ names and and addresses to send 'em catalogs.

He says name is Coker, and he lives in California. I am just being friendly, so I tell him my godfather’s name is Coker, and he lives in Fresno.

He stops for a minute, and says, “Is his name Joe?”

Yeah, it sure is.

He opens his wallet, and shows me a pic of my godfather. “He’s my nephew.”

I called my dad right then, and put Mr. Coker on the phone with him. They knew each other, and hadn’t had any contact in over twenty years.


Paul McCartney’s family tree is full of name coincidences:

  1. He had a maternal and paternal great-grandmother who were both named Jane. He also went Jane Asher for years.

  2. His other maternal great-grandmother was Mary. Her son married a Mary, and gave birth to Paul’s mother Mary.

  3. After Paul’s mother Mary died, his father married a woman named Angela. Paul’s brother’s first wife was named Angela.

4.Paul’s first wife was Linda Eastman. Her father’s birth surname was Epstein (as in Brian). Her two grandmothers were both named Stella.

  1. Linda Eastman had a daughter named Heather. After Linda died, Paul married a woman named Heather.