Interesting comments from non-fans on fictional works

I find it if often the people who know the least about something that make the most intersting points on them.

On The Phantom Menace:
“Wait that is Darth Vader as a kid? Why who cares?”

John Carter:
“Oh so he only has special powers on Mars because he is from Earth, like Clark Kent in reverse.”

Prometheus:(Ok they had seen Aliens but not the original)
“WTF did the beginning mean, what did that mean, WTF was with…”

And after explaining the backstory from Alien they said “Ok these terms you keep using are confusing, facehuggered? Space Jockey?” :slight_smile:

Then there’s my father’s reaction to a Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode: “I wish they’d stop talking so I could hear the dialogue.”

I took a foreign buddy to Rocky Horror Picture Show back in um, 1983 or so and got the same with “what the hell are they dressed up for, it isn’t halloween” as an added bonus. :dubious::smack:

On disbelief they had never seen Star Wars, not even ANH aside from background TVs others were watching.

“I think it is the hairy thing, I hate that thing”

“Chewbacca?!? You would have to be the first person EVER who hated Chewie”

“Yes ugh that thing puts me off the whole idea”

They also hated R2D2 when it was forced on them :open_mouth:

I think eventually they found the one sided dialogue a gimmick.

Someone once pointed out to me that Chewbacca’s gowl is kind of annoying and since then I find it kind of annoying. Love the furry guy though :slight_smile: