Interesting examples of "To put it in perspective" things

I had a German roommate who had bought a cheap used van and he said he might drive it from Waterloo, Ontario to Thunder Bay (and back) on the weekend. We suggested to him that 30 hours of driving is a little much for a weekend trip.

Anne Frank and Martin Luther King, Jr, were born in the same year, 1929, which would be 7 years after Betty White (and makes them the same age as Barbara Walters and Bob Newhart).

Had he lived to a ripe, old age, Dr. King’s soaring oratory might have been put to use campaigning for Barrack Obama, or giving speeches condemning Donald Trump.

When Harriet Tubman was born (1822), Thomas Jefferson was alive. When she died (1913), Ronald Reagan was alive.

One set of my grandparents were born there before Germany became a nation.

You were more likely to die in the US military in the peacetime 80s than during the war peak years of the 00s.

Mainly due to the fact their was almost double the number of active duty soldiers compared to the 00s and a lot of them were stationed in countries with loose alcohol laws, so a lot of people were dying from training or alcohol accidents.

I remember those “training” casualties. We’d land Marines in the same boonies where the Filipino New Peoples Army were active, and see some of them later in the chow line wrapped in bandages. “What the fuck happened to you, dude?” “I can’t talk about it.”

How would Washington have been alive in 1880?

I was wondering the same thing.

Geo Washington died almost exactly a century earlier than that.

I amuse people by shaking hands and telling then they have shaken hands with a man who shook JFK’s hand.

In the “hand the shook the hand” category:

When this Illinois county courthouse was demolished, my dad bought the beautiful marble restroom stall partitions and laid them flat for our backyard patio.

Since the courthouse was used by 19th C. pols in the same town where a Lincoln-Douglas debate had been held, between those slabs butts had been wiped with the same hands that had shaken the hand of the Great Emancipator.

To show how small atoms & molecules are, I’ve heard this many times:

“If we assume all the oxygen on Earth gets thoroughly mixed over time, then every breath you take contains at least one oxygen molecule that was also breathed by George Washington.” (Or something like that.)

I’ve heard the same about water molecules, and drinking water from a cup.

JW was the guy who when he was a kid in the early 1900s shook the hand of a man who when he was a sprout in 1800 shook Washington’s hand =) I missed one guy in his youth =)

I still find it amazing that I know gaming buddies in europe who live in structures older than my country …

In terms of “Fat” funny actors of the past, Fatty Arbuckle was 266 pounds and Lou Costello (of Abbot and Costello) was 240 pounds.

Compare that to Kevin James (300 pounds in King of Queens) John Goodman (400 pounds in 2017), and Chris Farley (296 pounds at the time of his death) so our “fat” celebrities have gotten bigger. Similarly, Homer Simpson weighed 240 pounds when the series first aired in 1989, but Peter Griffin who debuted in 1999 is 270 pounds, presumably to address the changing standards of the times in terms of fat funny guys.

The song “Old Time Rock and Roll” is nearly twice as old as the music Bob Seger was reminiscing about when he recorded that song.

Oxford University was founded in 1096, making it older than the entirety of both the Aztec and Inca Empires.

We’re farther from Nirvana’s Nevermind hitting #1 in January of 1992 (30 years) than Nevermind hitting #1 was from The Beatles’ first appearance on Ed Sullivan in February 1964 (28 years).

Paul Rudd is now older than Wilford Brimley was when he appeared in Cocoon.

Did Washington’s hand shake back, or did it just lie there, cold and dead?

dont know, i wasnt there =]

If Happy Days was remade it would be set around 2002 or so.

Queen Elizabeth II has been queen for over one-fourth of the history of the US.

The northeastern corner of Tennessee is closer to Canada than it is to Memphis.

Alas, no.
The confusion comes because the official regulations for pool and snooker balls usually specify the tolerance for roundness, not smoothness, even though the numbers are minute.

Earth is indeed round enough to be a pool ball (despite being an oblate spheroid…it would be at the edge of maximum tolerance for roundness), but wouldn’t be as smooth.

Another interesting factoid though does fall out from this: the cue ball earth couldn’t have oceans. A layer of water that thin would form beads and dry areas (even assuming g somehow has the same force and points to the center of the ball).
I guess a way around it would be if the land was slightly absorbent, you could dampen the undersea bits.

We’ve been watching a UK show that’s on a new-to-us cable channel – Escape to the Country. Besides really helping me with my English geography, we’ve been boggled by the distances, i.e. how small they are. They show a small town (village?) on a map near a larger town or city, and we were guessing they were 20 or 30 miles apart. They were like 2 or 3 miles apart.

Also, the people act like they can’t be more than a hour or so away from family. I’ve had daily commutes longer than that.