Interesting Superman Story - Any Superman stories weirder than this one?

I never realized ths one even existed.

“The Amazing Story of Superman-Red and Superman-Blue”

Any Superman stories weirder than this one?

Oooh, there’s plenty.

That one’s hardly worse than the more recent Superman Red/Blue.

Pretty much any story involving Red Kryptonite, Jimmy with Superpowers, Bizarro, Mr Mxptlkl, or…well, there’s a lot of really frigging weird Superman stories…

So what’s the strangest one you’ve ever read?

Tough one.

Probably the killer costume from Action 383 and 384.

A costume, previously worn by an alien criminal, and the uniform of the alien cop who died at the same time as he end up on Earth…the criminal’s costume destroys anyone who wears it until it finds a person evil enough to match its old owner (whose spirit possesses it)…

My personal vote for strangest (or stupidest) was when we found out that Kal-El was using subliminal super-hypnotism on the world through his glasses to keep anyone from recognising him in his “Clark Kent” persona.

Hey! I remember owning that issue! And even as a first-grader, I doubted that everyone would manage to be nice to everyone else.

If you want to read the story instead of just reading about the story, go here

The Alien Hillbilly Jimmy Olsen?

I Am Curious… Black?

Oh, there are an infinite amount of really weird stories.

Well, we have a new winner for the goofiest Superman story I’ve ever read

How about the multiple stories involving Jimmy’s interest in cross-dressing

No, wait, how about his adventures as Turtle Boy.
No, hold on. How about Elastic Lad.

No, wait, how about…

How about Superman’s plan to squash a Pat Boone song? I love that site, plenty of hilarious covers.

Just off the top of my head, there’s the one where Superman loses his powers but gains the power to make a more-powerful miniature version of himself fly out his fingertips. That’s not all THAT weird. What is weird is the strange “I’m impotent and this miniature duplicate of me is stealing my life!” theme running through Superman’s head.

If you allow Superboy, there’s the (Earth-B*) story where, floating among the asteroid belt are Jor-El and Laura…alive. Seems Jor-El had another experimental rocketship lying around, but it was slower than light or some-such and they were in suspended animation. Anyway, it also turned out that they’d contracted Kryptonite poisoning and if he revived them, they’d die an agonzing death. So he decides to just leave them there, rather than beaming them into the Phantom Zone with Mon-El where they could wait for a cure and still be around.

There’s also the Superboy story where a Kryptonian Teaching Robot (who has a head that looks like a combination of a cash-register and an olde time radio) hypnotizes some girl into having sex with young Clark. It was mostly on panel and blatent—the girl tells Clark "I know you’re Superboy, but I don’t care. I love you whoever you are and lip-locks him (they’re in her bedroom, IIRC) and then the lights go out. Next panel, Ma Kent “Hmmm. Clark’s bed is still made. He must have been out all night on a long patrol.” Next panel, Clark walking home, whistling, with a…smile (you know the “I just got lucky” smile) and his sweater over his shoulder. I read somewhere the writer(s?) saying “We just turned that scene in as a joke! We didn’t think they’d actually publish it!”

Or the one where, in ~1962, Mort Weisinger (a bigwig and an insider in the Democrat party at the time) publishes the first…story?..the first anything about Jack Kennedy and Marylin Monroe: He has Bizarro-Superman and Bizarro-Lois dress up like them and dance together. Given how tightly the White House tried to keep that secret, it’s pretty surprising.
*Earth-B. Where all the stories too dumb to exist or too damaging to continuity were said to be set. The “B” stands for Bob “Continuity? Characterization? What dat?” Haney.


You gotta admit, he’s got a point!

A weird but real Superman history:

In the book Freakonomics, the author reports that kids of klan members stopped playing cops and robbers and then played Superman vs the Klan! Members stopped going to meetings because they were so ashamed! It was reported that Superman stopped the growth of the Klan. Now that was power!

Any sources for the text of that radio program?

Here’s a little bit about it - fascinating! (Real audio) RADIO show

That might be the best caption ever.

How about Saga of the Super-Sons, about the adult kids of Superman and Batman trying to make their way in the world? Check out those crazy sideburns on Supes junior. Freaky, man.

What a minute…when you people were talking about red and blue SUperman, I was thinking of something COMPLETLY different.

Wasn’t there another red and blue superman at some point in the mid-90’s? A couple years or maybe less (or more) after SUperman died? :confused: