Interesting View of the Yellowstone Caldera

Do you think the artist had something other than geomorphology on their mind when creating this illustration?

Seek help. :smiley:

Yes, please.:wink:

I will say that crustal stretching makes me giggle for some reason. It doesn’t sound sexual, just funny :smiley:

It looks to me like a giant zit. If there is some other (e.g. sexual) innuendo here, I’m just not seeing it.

The tan looks like a woman nude, as viewed from below, while the magma looks like, well, you know. Their juxtaposition is a bit funny. See it now?


Intense, immediate help. :smiley:

It looks like the illustrator took a pic from his work on the zit cream commercial and recyled it.

The “resurgent dome” was the sugar plum on the cake for me, if you know what I mean.

If yours is that shape, buddy, you also need to see a doctor.:smiley:

Really, no one else giggled over the “intrusion zone”?

Brittle plastic! I see someone shopped at Victoria’s Secret again :smiley:

I see a zit.

So…will the Earth Move?

Ernest, is that you?

That’s hawt.

am I the only one just scared of a massive eruption?
when there is no protection large enough? eh?:dubious:

If the eruption lasts for more than four hours, consult your vulcanologist.

Maybe we can delay the eruption. We just need for everyone to think about baseball.