Mt. St. Helens

You cocktease of a volcano. I wanted to see some Pompei in this bitch, and what do you give me? “Renewed lava dome growth?” Fuck you.

You may get your “pompeii all up in this shit” anyways. If the lava dome continues to grow, and/or stops up(the volcanic equivalent to constipation), it may burst. All it takes is one blocked up vent to make surrounding citizens’ lives hell on earth. Jus tthe fact that it is a lava dome is pretty amazing since I don’t think they’ve ever seen lava dome activity in St. Helens before.


“Hell on earth” ?

Son, you ain’t never been to Clark County.

Best thing the magma could do for us is torch a few meth labs on its way down to relieve itself in the Kalama River. Call it “geologic renewal”.

Yeah, too bad nobody died and no real property damage took place. :rolleyes:

Geez, this is like waiting for that suicidal guy to hurry up and jump off the building. But nooo, he’s gotta stand there for 8 hours mulling it over. Make up your damn mind! :mad:

While it’s exciting to watch a volcano spit a couple dozen cubic miles of rock into the atmosphere, in the case of Mount Saint Hellens, I’d be just as happy to see the dome building continue until the mountain regains, or exceeds, its pre-1980 height. It was a pretty mountain. Now it’s not so pretty.

Damn kids and their need for instant gratification anyway. Firstly, we’re talkin’ geologic time here. You’re moaning that something hasn’t happened over a period that, geologically speaking, is less than the fraction of a second between commercials on TV. Secondly, there’s plenty of fun times to come. The current activity could easily last months, or a couple of years, and chances are very good that a moderate blast or two will happen during that time. OTOH, of you expect a repeat of 1980, that’s pretty much out of the picture. So relax, already.

I’m with ya, dude.

Yeah, you blew up cataclysmically in 1980 and killed 57 people, but what have you done for me lately?

While we’re at it, doesn’t seem like its been a while since LA or SF really got a good shake down?

Fuck the geologic time scale.

Yeah, what they said! I want to see people die! I want to see houses crushed!

Hell, I want to see my three year old son gasping and choking from ash in the air! That’d be fucking great!

Oh, wait. Not “great.” What’s that other thing, the opposite of great? Oh, right, it’s “lick my bag.”

My hunch is that you did not score high on the verbal section of the SAT’s, right? I mean, come on. One is an adjective, the other a command. No comparison at all. :smiley:

You’re right. It should have a semicolon, as:

“precisely the opposite of great; lick my bag.”
Good catch.

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I agree. I want to see the glorious return of America’s “Mt. Fuji.” The pre-1980 Mount Saint Helens summit was very picturesque. I realize that in due geologic time, Mt. St. Helens will probably rebuild the summit it blew away, but in the meantime, it’s nice to witness some of the regeneration.

But it did have a certain Jon Stewartish charm to it.

I think all the Mt. St. Helens activity is fascinating, and I kinda hope it’ll explode, too. I missed the 1980 eruption, after all.

How did you miss that?

Age, I 'spect. Peep this, Lib: college freshmen this year were born in 1986.

I was alive when it blew in '80, but I certainly missed it.

I was one.

Does anybody else find the idea of the weather man giving out volcano watch and warning information? I’m pretty used to tornado watches and storm watches and blizzard watches, etc. The whole concept of a volcano watch just seems surreal.

I was ten when it blew in 1980, and I do not need to go through that again.

New Yorklebees, you wouldn’t be calling the mountain a cocktease if you knew the alternative was stumbling around in near-darkness choking on particulate matter as fine as talcum powder and watching the finish on your fine new automobile being scoured to the metal.

It’s okay, St. Helen. Build your lava dome. It’s all right. Well up that magma all you want. —pats volcano on the, um, head—

:smack: These sorts of realizations likely spawned solipsism.