Interior Architecture Buffs

I’m embarking on some interior design work and, in ordering books, am thinking that my house is a conglomeration of Arts & Crafts, Art Deco, and “Bungalow” (whatever that is!)

Please tell me what you think the style might be.:**

-The exterior is “Revival Dutch Colonial Cottage” ca. 1918 (? original deed lost ?)

-Small-gauge hardwood floors throughout

-Fireplace with wooden doric-ish columns carved into both sides, with some decorative fleur de lis below the mantle

-Crown moldings throughout, of simple design

-Chair rails and lower paneling in dining room

-Baseboards throughout: about six inches of panel with trims

-Two- and four-panel doors throughout (those that are extant) with cut-glass doorknobs and brass fixtures

-A few built-in shelves with glass-front multi-paned doors

Oops, forgot two things:

-Staircase with curving bannisters

-Plaster and lathe construction

I don’t see any elements of Art Deco in what you’ve listed.

In truth, I doubt that it can be characterized as strictly one style, except perhaps “homebuilder traditional” for middle-class purchasers of 1918. Then as now, spec houses generally included features that would impress the little lady rather than observe any stylistic purity. Some of the things you describe are thought of as features of the Arts & Crafts movement, while others are just decorative from various sources.