What architectural style is this house

Wondering if anyone knows what style of architecture this house is:


American Shithole?

Shotgun shack.

Retro classical hillbilly: “Sometimes I sits and thinks; sometimes I just sits.”

It might be a shack now, but it’s pretty clear some design went into it originally before it fell into disrepair. There’s stained glass around the door, and it looks like there may have been some nice trim. Maybe rudimentary Folk Victorian? All the pictures of that style on Google seem to have a gable front, but I don’t know if that’s a defining characteristic when the house is so small.

Nope. Shotgun Shacks are a single narrow and long room, the premise being you could fire a shotgun from the front door and hit someone standing at the back door.

It may not count as a style but it just looks like a simple timber frame.

Even huge mansions in the U.S. often seem to be built with softwood timber frames, construction that looks to me like it would blow over in a stiff wind.

Softwood stick framing is very strong and resilient. If you don’t believe me, ask a pine tree.

I used to build houses and the newer brick ones are pretty much a timber frame with decorative brick shell built around it.

I was going to say this as well. Once you know what building one is like you realize it’s very strong. All that wood weight a shitload and it’s all braced together with a ton of nails where you can get away with it, joist hangers and other connectors where you know there’s going to be a lot of stress and strain, and big ass bolts through the significant headers.

I guess I should ask the one on the right?

Most brick houses don’t come with a comet-proof (or antimatter/black hole/Planet X-proof) guarantee.

There is a distinct color line along the top of the windows. Is it missing an original porch roof?

From a few vernacular architecture sites it seems to just fall within the range of variation of a shotgun shack, depending where it actually is located.

This siteis very well-illustrated.

Features that conform to shotgun house:

symmetrical [what we’d call Georgian] front facade

likely to have a timber frame [balloon frame]

Things that don’t:

Gable roof ridge runs cross-ways to house axis

Elaborate door surrounds

Large attic storey and dormers

Melbourne is right that a large pitched porch roof is missing.

My suspicion is that its a pre-fab or kit home, given the elaborated detail looks to be integral to the house build. You could order these sort of things from Sears Roebuck or other shippers or the local timberyard may have a few standard patterns.

Traditional Cape Cod. At one time, they were popular all around New England.

More like someone’s attempt to make something somewhat like a Cape Cod, but out of cheap materials and going by memory, not design. The dormers and gable end windows are very reminiscent of a Cape Cod, but the proportions are way off (house too narrow, dormers too large, etc.).

Not Cape Cod - no central chimney, which is a defining feature.

I don’t know what style this best falls under, it lacks distinctive features of most styles - probably Folk Victorian fits best.

No, but I hear they stand up very well to big, bad wolves.

Our Cape has the chimney on the end. I don’t think that is a defining feature. There are lots of variations that are still Capes.