International Affairs Major

What are some careers that would be augmented by an undergraduate degree in the realm of ‘International Affairs?’ What are some Texas colleges that are at least partially renowned for their expertise in this field? Thanks in advance.

Typical career lines might include: politics, foreign service (eg, working for the State Dept), advocacy (eg, working for NGOs), certain investment or consulting jobs, journalism, and teaching.

Speaking as someone who has a bachelor in international relations and a masters in diplomatic history, I don’t see any particular advantage to getting a BA in int’l relations/affairs as opposed to history, economics, political science, regional studies, and the like. Most employers who might look for an IR degree would be happy with something with a degree in these fields.

An IR degree gives you a little of all of those majors, but I think the most important part of the typical program is the requirement to study a language. Start studying one immediately and take a semester to study in that country to improve your language skills. I recommend oddball languages – I studied Chinese. Good command of another language makes you a million times better suited to studying, and working in, international affairs.

My sudden raise in interest in this field was piqued with my invite to attend the National Student Leadership Conference in DC at American University. Furthermore, I’ve always desired to master an ‘obscure’ foreign language, such as Arabic, Mandarin, or perhaps Russian. I assume these are all good facets for the field.