International Relations Graduate Programs

Hey everyone. I’m currently looking into graduate programs in international relations, with an eye towards the US Foreign Service (my current educational background is a BS in Secondary English Education). One program that looks particularly attractive to me (I’ve got a severe travel bug) is the Global MA in IR from Webster University in St. Louis ( While I love the idea of traveling to four European countries while completing my masters, I’m a little suspicious about how such a program might be viewed by potential future employers. So, I’m looking far and wide for opinions on this particular program or similar programs (one-year, mostly or completely taken abroad) and how it compares with other, possibly more prestigious programs (and how much a program’s prestige factors into employment opportunities in this field).

Any anecdotes or advice here would be most appreciated. Thanks!

Can’t really provide any firsthand info about graduate IR programs, but I would recommend looking into Washington, DC universities in particular for the chance to develop contacts and get internships at the State Dept. or related organizations.

Georgetown University - School of Foreign Service

American University - School of International Service

The George Washington University - School of International Affairs