International Day of Action for South Korean Dogs and Cats

It’s today (Saturday). In Cleveland:

“People opposed to the eating of dogs and cats in South Korea will gather at 1 p.m. at the West Side Market, 1979 W. 25th St.”

Presumably there will be refreshments. :dubious:

Actually this sounds like a worthy cause, at least if the allegations of inhumane treatment are correct.

We eat cats now too? When did this start? I am clearly behind the times. Is there even much meat on a cat?

One of the dumbest things I have ever heard. Vaguely racist too!

What a stupid website. Koreans don’t eat cats for one. And while I am against the abusive way a lot of dog meat is prepared, the practice is not as widespread as the blog insinuates.

I have no problem with the m eating dogs, as long as they are humanely treated and killed. The issue should be the way they are treated and killed, not whether they are eaten.

The US kills MILLIONS of dogs every year at animals shelters. Why would it be bad to use that meat to feed people instead of just throwing it away?

It’s not “Koreans eat dogs” but the correct statement should be “Some people in Korea eat dogs”. The fact is many Koreans are repulsed by the idea and there is a law against it (not that it is enforced much). 2 types of Korean bleed dogs are for eating and they are eaten for the same reason people eat ginseng, ie, to boost their stamina through the hot summer. ‘Dog eating folks’ are in other countries as well such as China, Switzerland and Vietnam. Korea gets singled out because of M.A.S.H. and Hot Lips.

The Koreans hate cats as domestic pets and as food, but they still eat dogs and many dog farms exist today and provide a lucrative income for some people. As long as the people buy (mostly men), they’ll continue to breed and kill dogs for the sake of sausages and stews. Let’s get real. It’s freakin disgusting and barbaric!

You won’t see stray dogs in Korea but you’ll see stray cats. Cats have personality and don’t conform which is why the Koreans hate cats. They can’t relate.

It’s 2011 and no one can justify killing and eating domestic pets. We’re talking about a country that has a 3-4% unemployment rate right now. There’s no need to eat dogs anymore. But the Koreans have no concept of vegetarianism and are pretty soulless as far as I’m concerned, so I’m not surprising that they refuse to give up this primitive habit.

Wow. Have you ever been to Korea? Have you ever heard of Buddhism? Buddhism is a popular religion in Korea and many Buddhists are vegetarians.

For the record, cats have become popular as pets for many Koreans, and you’ll see plenty of stray dogs if you live in the right neighborhoods (like mine). And the dogs that Koreans eat aren’t pets. They are bred for the explicit purpose of food, like cows or chickens. While I don’t agree with the way the dogs are abused before they are killed, one could argue that the livestock butchered in the US is treated little better during their short lives.

And dogs aren’t made into sausages. They’re made into stews, and eaten by an ever-shrinking portion of the population - mostly older men who believe that it boosts virility. As that generation dies out, I’m pretty sure that the practice of dog eating will die out as well.

I never know that there’s a standard of behaviours for countries with a certain employment rate. So I guess when the employment rate goes up to 10% it’s all right to eat dogs and cats, and if it is at 1% then everyone should eat what “civilised countries” should be eating…

There’s something wrong with this thinking here…

I thought it was in Thailand that they ate cats?

I can’t wait to see the news coverage of the protests in India about our treatment of cows.

That’s a new one.

Why is it any more disgusting to eat dogs than it is to eat cows or pigs? If (as you say) they are bred on farms for human consumption then those dogs aren’t “domestic pets”.

PS I’m not vegetarian.

I am against this solely because I am FOR the eating of cats and dogs

And what else are you in favor of eating? May I go first?

Pretty much any tasty animal. Horses. Whales. Humans.

In what way(s) are they abused?

I’ve heard human flesh tastes like chicken.

Traditionally they are strung up and beaten to death. It’s believed that the adrenaline rush makes the meat tastier.

My parents both lived in neighborhoods in the 60s that still did this kind of stuff openly. While it may still be practiced in the countryside, you would never see anything like that in the cities nowadays. It’s no longer a universally accepted practice.

The protest worked!