International dopers and banking

Need suggestions on a US based bank to use for salary deposits and what not. I’ve been using HSBC in Hong Kong for many many years, but I think they are kinda scum (even for a bank) and they have zero value add for me in China.

I need the following services:
-on-line banking
-efficient international transfers (on-line)
-write about 5 checks per year so something low cost or free
-maybe a visa card

Citibank and Bank of America are two that spring to mind. anyone have experience with these banks or care to recommend a different US bank? Again, I’m looking for something cheap, efficient and mainly as a repository for salary direct deposit before I transfer the money somewhere else.

Don’t want a huge minimum balance unless there are some real bennies that tempt me. 10k is fine but it would really have to be sweet to want to keep a higher balance.

Likewise, if you’ve got a suggestion on a visa card. I probably have jack for a US credit rating despite having has premo credit cards in Hong Kong, and of course paid off my student loans very early over a decade ago.