Wire transfer to Bank of China in China

Anyone with experience sending money from the US to the Bank of China in China? If so, what was the procedure? I’m asking because I’m working in China now and want to have some of my funds in America sent to my bank account here. Please fill in the blanks below and, of course, add any other information my sister will need to send the money to my Bank of China account. Thanks!

Name of Bank: BANK OF CHINA
Address of Bank (in China): (I’m in Maoming, if that makes a difference)
Receiving Bank SWIFT Code:
Name of account holder: (My name exactly as it is on both my passport and the bank account [it’s the same])

Oh, this is necessitated because the Chinese banks and merchants in this city only have one card network, UnionPay, and, of course, my American card won’t work.

I think you’ll find the information you’re looking for here:


I can’t help you with the account name, though. :wink:

Awesome! I’ll pass this info to my sister.

Jovan: I greatly appreciate your assistance. My sister sent me the money in two batches. My boss advanced me 2/7 of my salary. And, all of a sudden, my American bank card works in a few of the banks’ ATMs nearby. Basically, I’m flush with Yuan. :smiley:

For future reference, Bank of America is partnered with China Construction Bank, and if you have a B of A account, you can pull out money from their ATMs with no additional fees. I’d recommend anyone headed to China long term use B of A if they can.