international extradition

Does the US have an extradition law with Isreal? How can US teenager and murder suspect, Sam Sheinbien, be granted asylum in a country that recieves 3.5 billion dollars of foreign aid from the US?

Sheinbein holds Israeli citizenship through one or both of his parents. Israel’s law bars extradition of Israeli citizens.

And he isn’t being granted asylum there. He’s being tried for the murder there.

Never regret what seemed like a good idea at the time.

So someone could commit murder in the US, saw off the person’s arms and legs, then burn the body beyond recognition and then fly to Israel, claim citizenship and not have to return to stand trial?

Only if the claim to citizenship were legitimate. In the case cited above, the Supreme Court of Israel upheld the claim as legitimate and bound the guy over for trial. He’s pleaded guilty IIRC.

Extradition and Dual Citizenship are complex issues. One does not always have to claim citizenship for another country to declare you one of their citizens, and thus subject ot whatever laws or restictions that country wishes to place on you. An example would be the women who marry Iranians and find out that Iran considers the Iranian man’s wife to have acquired Iranian citizenship by virtue of the marriage.

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Apparently so.

Never regret what seemed like a good idea at the time.

Oops, guess that shows why you should always quote the text you’re replying to :slight_smile:

Never regret what seemed like a good idea at the time.

In answer to elrayoX’s second question, yes, apparently, you can. IIRC (and I’m far too lazy to search for the articles tonight), the Sheinbein case is no more palatable to folks in Israel than it is to those in the U.S., I believe a change in the law there might be in the works to avoid just such an instance in the future. Of course, that changes absolutely nothing for Sheinbein.