International ISPs?

I am going to London and Ireland in a few weeks, and I am considering getting and bringing a laptop with to unload my digital pictures everyday. This would be my primary purpose for getting a laptop, even though I purchased a couple extra memory sticks I have a feeling I’ll be filling them up fast.

As long as I have a laptop with, I would like to connect to the internet to email home - what are my choices in ISPs overseas? I would only need service for two weeks. My ISP (ATT Broadband) does not offer anything like this as far as I know. I would prefer to stay away from AOL, I don’t want their software.

What would be the costs involved? Would it be cheaper to just go to Internet cafes to email home?


If you’re in the UK, you could just pick up a pay-as-you-go CD, where you just pay the telephone bills. The market leader (alongside AOL and the incumbent telecoms companies) is probably Freeserve [link].

Sorry, just read the rest of your post. If you just want to email home, stick to the internet cafes (for London at least). The EasyEverything chain has a number of large, popular centres in handy central London locations and some pretty reasonable pricing, despite being run by a megalomaniac - [link].

Thanks ** Crusoe **. Sounds like Internet Cafés will be easier and cheaper. Do they have fast connections there? In case I would like to email some pictures home?

Should do - that chain is a pretty slick operation.