Internet Art: the parbunkells billboard

Described here:

A woman found a 17th century word in a rare book at the NY Library. It had no Google search results. She put it up on a billboard in Queens, NY. Charting its path of emergence on the internet, and then acquiring the Etsy-type shirts and cups being made using the word as Readymades for her project, it is pretty cool.

I agree that it’s rather neat. But I also see what you did there–making sure we’re part of the conversation.

Now that there are a lot of results, can anyone link a page where they discuss what it really means?

The actual word means “binding together with two ropes”.

Now it means: “A sex act where two gay men rub their penises together.”

Urban Dictionary is never wrong.

So is that a verb or a noun? Either way, why does it have an ‘s’ at the end?

I’ll know this word has reached critical mass when I hear it on a “Says You” bluffing round.

Frottage never sounded so WASPy!