Internet Bandwith - how to insure your getting what you pay for?

My Comcast Cable internet has seemed slow lately and I ran a test from SpeedTest - Test your internet speed | Bandwidth Place
…and acording to the test it says my bandwith is at 1.5 megabits per second. It says that the average for Cable in Georgia is 2.28 megabits per second, so Im getting ripped off here. -Also, acording to comcast it says cable interent is suposed to be as fast as 6000 kb. So Im way bellow that.

So why am I so slow? We have a home buisness and we need as much speed as possible. What can i do to test my input power?

About a month ago we had a comcast guy come out becasue the comcast DVR was not recording properly and he said it was becasue our box was recieving negative something so he boosted it into the positive somethings… I wish i knew what that meant. ANyway, he did something to a box outside and made it work. However, I beleave he may have cut off power coming into the other lines, particularly the internet lines.

I dont trust comcast. The guys the send out never seem to know or are not willing to tell you what they are doing. I think its a conspiracy casue they dont want us customers to know that its really easy to boost your power or something by adjusting a nob out front… I dont know, - can I not have a fast internet and High definition DVR work well at the same time?!

How old is your cable modem? I have Comcast as well. It slowed down one day and stayed like that for weeks until I finally made a call. Turns out they had done a speed upgrade in my area and the older cable modem couldn’t handle it very well. They came and replaced the modem and speeds were instantly much higher than they ever were before. Ask them about a new modem.

My opinion of Comcast is probably something best suited for the pit. In the context of GQ, I’ll just say I don’t think they are very good.

That said, there is a possibility you have some sort of technical issue like a bad cable somewhere or a modem issue (as Shagnasty said), but more likely that’s just the way it’s gonna be. Comcast, and most other ISPs, advertise “as fast as” which means if conditions are absolutely perfect then you can theoretically get that speed between your computer and the comcast computer on the other end of the cable. Realistically, there are network bottlenecks all over the system, and even once you get outside of comcast’s network, the internet itself has lots of bottlenecks.

If there’s another ISP available in your area I’d probably drop comcast like a hot rock (like I said, I don’t have a very high opinion of them) but another ISP will likely have a similar actual throughput. On my system, I didn’t do any better at your test than you did. My ISP is Suscom, and they also advertise 6000 kb downloads.

Around here, Comcast Home service does not guarantee a speed. The speeds they advertise are the highest you’ll see, but it has a lot to do with the usage in your neighborhood.

Comcast Business accounts guarantee speeds, but it’s a lot more expensive. I pay ~$130/month for a guaranteed 3 Meg line. Highway robbery, but in my neck of the woods Comcast has a monopoly.

Wow. That does seem slow. I have Comcast, took the test, and got 5.4 Megabits/sec. It is dependant on line usage, so try at different times of day see if there’s any variance depending on how many of your neighbors are sharing the line.

Yeah, comcast is a monopoly! and DSL is not competition for it.
Ive heard that bell south is in the process of laying down some kind of new fiber optic cable so we can eventually have an option to switch to. Of course comcast is doing everything they can to stop it. Hopefully one day Comcast will turn into what America Online is today.

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