Internet Cat Video Film Festival winner - awesome

I searched, but didn’t find a previous thread on this.

The Internet Cat Video Film Festival was held in Minneapolis this week. There are a whole bunch of great videos, but i thought that the winner of the Golden Kitty Award, Henri 2, Paw de Deux, was inspired.

Henri! However, he does nothing but remind me of the futility of existence.

so wonderful! i’ve had to bookmark some of his posters.

lager the loveydovey has ennui upon occasion. thankfully he doesn’t speak french.

Neither does Henri’s owner.

and really who does…

I think that the number of people on the YouTube comments complaining about the guy’s French is alternately hilarious and incredibly fucking sad. Way to miss the point of the video by about six light years.

the whole thing is just so well done. the cat, the french, the subtitles, the music, just perfect.

Well, those of us who live in French-speaking areas should be cut some slack on this, since we hear French all the time and the accent is cringe-worthy.
The video is still hilarious, don’t get me wrong, and the wildly incorrect pronunciation and grammar only enhances that.

Heck, if I had made that and couldn’t find anyone who took even high school French to narrate I’d have just typed it into Google Translate and read it phonetically in my worst Maurice Chevalier impression!