Internet Cigarette Sales Doomed?

Please don’t change this thread into an anti-smoking thing. That’s not the subject.

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It seems to me that “the states” are constantly saying they want people to quit smoking but here the complaint is that they’re losing “badly needed revenue”. If they really wanted people to quit smoking they’d jack the taxes up to $10 a pack and outlaw any interstate sales. They’re such hypocrites.

But the third paragraph is what really gets me. How many children do you know that buy cigarettes on the internet? I’d sure like to see a cite for it being “especially likely.” All of the sites I’ve seen require a minimum 5 carton purchase. How many “kids” have that kind of dough? How many even have the credit card to make such a transaction? And I think all of these places deliver UPS and UPS won’t deliver them without proof of age. I know because they wouldn’t leave the package when I wasn’t home even though I left a note with my signature asking them to.

This is such BS but I’m sure it’ll pass because smoking is evil, ya know.

I agree, what child has a credit card or what child is given a credit card and allowed to shop for ‘whatever’ on-line…

The sites that I’ve gone to sell imported cigarettes(still US brand names but from europe). Is it possible to tax these?

Heh, just goes to show how technologically illiterate many members of Congress are. Well, actually, no. The ones sponsoring the bill are just throwing in a little “WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN!?” to try to drive the bill through. Kids more likely to buy cigarettes online? That requires:

a) a viable credit card
b) an address where you can ship the cigarettes

Considering that many kids will be afraid to have them shipped to their homes (with parents around, y’unnerstand), I don’t see this being much of an issue. It’s an attempt to protect tax revenue, period. Why would kids go through the hassle of purchasing them online when they can just get them the old-fashioned way, by having an older friend buy them?

It’s already a reality in New York State. The internet retailers I used to do business with are all abiding by this new internet prohibition.

We dont need this law at all for any reason.

Kids dont buy cigarettes on the internet.

As far as adults, those who believe in their state cigarette tax will pay it, those who dont should be able to go to other states and dont have to pay it - so where is the problem?

The tax supporters should/will pay, and those against should have to pay. The system we have now is the fairest to all, both those opposed to smoking who dont pay anything, those who support the tax who will pay it, and those against the tax who use other states or indian reservations.

The problem and the fairness issues have all been solved, quit trying to change it.