If you can't stop smoking, at least save some money


I just came across an article about this website in the newspaper.

Thought I’d share this with all the smoking dopers out there, lest they be (financially) ruined by their bad habit.

I don’t know how much the import tax amounts to, but 13.95 for 10 packs of Camels sounds pretty good.

To the mighty mods: I don’t have any affiliation with this website. They don’t even ship to Switzerland.

Wow! If this this is legit, it’s great. I just ordered two cartons of Marlboro lights. My total cost, including shipping was $33.90. Usually I pay about $30 for a carton, up to $5 for an individual pack.

That’s a savings of $26.10 if buying by the carton. Not bad. I’ll post back here when I recieve the cigarettes to let you know about quality, shipping time and if I recieve them at all. :wink:

Thanks, missing_link!

I am very sure that it is legit. The only thing I do not know about is how high, if there are any, the import taxes will be.

Keep me posted on how it went

Though smokers may rejoice at the prospect of dirt cheap fags, it’s worth knowing that there may be hidden costs when ordering online. Some states have copped on to the fact that they’re losing tax dollars to out of state (or country) distributors and are none to happy about it. Massachusetts, as an example, comes to mind.

Though I’ve forgotten the details of the story, I think it was the Governor’s office that was pushing shipping companies (UPS etc.) to disclose their shipping records–thereby fingering those who had purchased tobacco on line. Presumably the customs officials, or some other type of tax collector, would then track down the buyer and hand him or her a big ol’ bill for taxes due. This story was news in, oh about January of this year, but alas, I never saw any conclusion to it. Interested parties could search the Boston Globe web site and get a more complete picture.

One slight difference ‘tween the hullabaloo as reported in Boston and Yessmoke rests in the country of origin. IIRC, the targets of Gov. Romney were people purchasing domestic cigs, not having them shipped over from Europe. I’m certain the laws differ when taking this fact into consideration but I’m no lawologist and won’t proffer any guess as to how.

And as an interesting side note, word on the street had it that lost tax dollars weren’t the true impetus for the Governor’s hunt. Rather, it was underage kids using the anonymity of on line purchasing to circumvent local age restrictions. Clever kids.

As I said though, I’ve long since forgotten the particulars of, and conclusion to, this story. I suppose that isn’t very helpful in addressing the legitimacy of yesmoke. Oh well.

Update: My cigarettes came today. 9 days shipping time. There was a Swiss post declaration sticker on the package. I just smoked one and they’re not stale, which was one concern I had (If you smoke you know what I mean.) There were no additional charges or anything. ~$1.70/pack. Wheeee!

Thanks missing_link!

I bought on-line cigarettes. My state (Illinois) forced the company to cough up it’s customer list and then came after me for back taxes. Luckily, I hadn’t been buying for long and I only paid about $100 in back taxes.

No more on-line smokes for me.

I only smoke cigarrettes from manufacturers who participated in the Tobacco Settlement of a few years ago. I’ll be damned if I’m going to support some third-rate reseller who snuck into the market after the Settlement was agreed to and is just biding time until the state attorney general comes after it.

The same goes for buying cigarettes from outside the U.S.

I don’t want to spend $5 for a pack of smokes, either, so I look around for generics or sub-name brands that comply with the settlement. They’re about one third to half the price of premium brands.

I don’t smoke, but I always wondered why so few smokers roll their own cigarettes. Couldn’t you get much better quality tobacco and save a whole lot of money?

And another thing…

The state’s attorney who “billed” me for back taxes told me that some of those “cigarettes cheap on the web” places actually use the sweepin’s off the floor to make the cheap smokes. I s’pose that the fact I’m inhaling poison sort of negates that argument, it still kind of grossed me out. Like, what if there’s little mouse turds in my cigarettes or something? Or spit. Or a booger. Or something groaty that was tracked in on someone’s shoe.

Maybe it was just a scare tactic. I dunno, but it worked!

I ordered a few smokes from yesmoke a couple of years ago. It all worked out fine, apart from one problem: the Marlboro Lights I got were for eastern European distribution, and tasted gross.

And I believe micilin ordered some from the same place, and got one or two packages impounded by Irish customs, with a huge bill to release them to him.

Otherwise, it’s great, though I wouldn’t completely buy their ‘it’s totally legal’ spiel.