Internet connection problem - winipcfg doesn't work

Yes, it’s yet another computer problem thread. I read over the sticky to be sure, but my problem doesn’t seem to be addressed there. Basically, my computer ceased being able to connect to the internet on Tuesday. The cable modem online light is on, as is the light where the cord plugs in to the network card.

The main problem seems to be with winipcfg. When I open it up and go to PCI bus master adaptor (I think that’s what it says anyway - I’m posting from work so I can’t check), the Default Gateway is blank and the IP Autoconfiguration address starts with 169, which I understand is a problem. When I hit “Release” or “Release All” nothing happens, and I mean nothing. If I go ahead and hit “Renew All” anyway, winipcfg stops responding, and I have to close it through Ctrl-Alt-Del.

I’m running Win98, and Norton AntiVirus, AdAware and Spybot all come up clean. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and will earn the person who solves my problem my undying gratitude.

Do you have a hardware firewall like a Linksys router? If not, do you know if you get an IP address from your cable modem or do you have to use PPPoE software?

Finally, did you try unplugging the power in your cable modem and letting it sit for a few minutes before plugging it back in?

Gah. I knew I’d left out some info in the OP, I just wasn’t sure what. I don’t have a hardware firewall - I use ZoneAlarm, and turning it off makes no difference. I don’t know where I get an IP address from.

And I’ll try unplugging the modem for a bit when I get home. I kept rebooting the computer, but I didn’t think of doing that with the modem. :smack: