Internet Connection Speed for Games Like World of Warcraft

So - I’m moving in to my own place and now I’m having to think about things like Time Warner Cable bundles for my WoW addiction.

I’ve been currently playing via a wireless router but now I’ll be hard-wired again so that’s good. My boyfriend did a nice upgrade to my system last year, so I am not currently having huge speed issues now - but I’m not really sure what package I have with my roommate - I think it’s probably basic. And typically, I would just max out and go straight to Turbo, but I’m trying to be more budget conscious.

But how fast of a connection speed do I really need?

My options are:
[li]Roadrunner Lite - Up to 768 Kbps download speed and 128 Kbps upload speed.[/li][li]Road Runner Basic - Up to 1.5 Mbps download speed and 256 Kbps upload speed.[/li][li]Road Runner Standard - Up to 7 Mbps download speed and 384 Kbps upload speed.[/li][li]Road Runner Turbo - Up to 10 Mbps download speed and 512 Kbps upload speed. Includes PowerBoost™, which gives an extra burst of speed to download big files.[/li][/ul]

WoW works over dial-up. You really dont need a speedy connection. You’ll probably want one for things like patches, internet video, etc.

I wouldnt go with lite as you’ll have problems with video streaming from places like youtube or hulu. Basic is doable, but I find 1.5mbps is just too slow nowadays. I’d spring for standard. Turbo is most likely overkill.

>but I’m not really sure what package I have with my roommate - I think it’s probably basic

A quick way to find out is just to do a speed test when your and your roomie arent downloading anything.

Turbo is almost certainly overkill. Right now, I’m splitting a 1 Mbps connection five ways, and I have no issues unless there are two or more people trying to stream video or something. If it’s just you, Basic is probably fine. If there’s not much difference in price between Basic and Standard, and money isn’t much of an object, then sure, jump for it, but it’s not really necessary.

I’d say Basic is all you need for WoW, if WoW and SDMB is all you ever do online. If you’re sharing the connection with roommates, or if you like streaming media, then Standard.

Dial-up “works” with WoW, but only if you’re never around more than 10 people at a time, and definitely not if you’re raiding or doing anything else where timing may be an issue.